Gaynor Jewellers - Our Services

Some of the services we can offer include:

  • Repairs - We can repair various items of jewellery all at a reasonable cost.
  • Valuations - We can value your items of jewellery. We use the company SafeGuard
  • Rethreading - We can rethread most necklaces whether they are damaged or just need a refresh.
  • Hand Engraving - Various items can be engraved and what better way to make something more personal and unique!

  • If you would like any more information about the services we offer, then please contact us at, or call us on 01780 763952 we will be very happy to hear from you.

    The Family Run Jewellers - Stamford

    Why buy from Gaynor Jewellers? Well that's easy we've been selling jewellery in Stamford since 1990 and have developed a great reputation. Over the years we have become best known for our customer first approach and emphasis on customer satisfaction.

    We ensure that we source our jewellery from ethical suppliers. We understand that these days we are much more conscious of the environment and ethical impact when buying jewellery products.

    Ultimately, when you visit our shop we want you to take the time to find the piece of jewellery that is exactly what you are looking for. We really look forward to welcoming you to our jewellery shop in Stamford.

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